weeds are worst enemy in doing foodplots

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weeds are worst enemy in doing foodplots

Unread postby TOM Spatafore » Mon Feb 02, 2015 3:53 pm

this is my first writup in this forum ive been doing land management and foodplots for over 20 years have developed my own mixes and programs . i hear story after story about what is the best foodplots ;this one will stir the pot .THE BEST FOODPLOTS are the ones that attract produce give wildlife the most yield per acre.the enemy is weeds.Natural weeds from your area are anbormal part of foodplots older plots more grasses and weeds.But we have all seen weeds that are not common to are areas were do they come from well sorry to say from the seed we buy to the feed we put in our feeders to the bales of hay or alphalpha we feed. all contain weed seed .Cheap seed is the main culprit you can go to a coop bye seed cheap and the same seed when bought through a specialty program is double why .You get what you pay for farmers seed loaded with weed seeds because the volume planting has little effect om there forage crop outcome . in small plots the introduction of weeds can devastate a plot quickly .Discing only chops and spread weeds so it doesnt help
in the long run .us that feed mixed grain buy the cheapest all the dust in the bottom of the bags is weed seeds in most cases.The word deer feed is used because no standards for this by law .the powers to be can get rid of thier sweepings, mouldy grain, old grain ,bottom of barrel grain were most weeds come from .and how to get you to buy it great price cover it in mollases which is another story.here deer feed 8.50 for 55 lbs bag i pay 10.50 for grain mixed to my standards and no mollases.Deer eat this defecate on your foodplots . if its close to your plots introduction of weeds happens quickly . Spin feeders in middle of plots guess what happens. iv e made all these mistakes in years past . there is no way to to stop weeds but they can be controlled by buying products designed with less weeds means more cleaning of seed so you will pay more for quality seed .Lastly the hardest seed to get clean is clover seed as it is small and or the same size as weeds making it much harder to clean, seen mixes with up to 35 % weeds in it anyway you be the judge .foodplots are a major part of land management .Ill leave you with this statement. deer eat the best and leave the rest . have a great day dont know how to put pictures up but got some good ones of weeds taking over foodplots.
TOM Spatafore
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Re: weeds are worst enemy in doing foodplots

Unread postby biggamecameraman » Mon Feb 02, 2015 4:24 pm

Tom thanks for taking the time to do your first write on the voice . well done Sir ;) ;) ;)
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Re: weeds are worst enemy in doing foodplots

Unread postby Cricker » Mon Feb 02, 2015 4:46 pm

Great write up tom. Being a nurseryman i feel like the reaper of weeds. Kill billions a year. Hate em. Ill add that we have to constantly change chemicals in order to keep them from building immunity. The worst thing someone can do is spray them and fail to kill them completely. They will just be harder and harder to kill. If we have weeds in our container plants they will most definitely spread in the homeowners yards and they wont be happy.
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