Getting ready for 2 food plots

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Getting ready for 2 food plots

Unread postby tomcbigbucks » Tue Jul 23, 2013 8:39 am

Spent last night brush hogging 2 fields to get ready to disc and plant.

The first is approx acre and 3/4 which is going to have soybeans mixed with chickory. Once the soybeans die and starts getting cold and first couple frosts the chickory will kick in ;)
Little late if we were going to harvest the beans but it is only for the deer to eat. It was disc a month ago but the rain and work prevented planting so had to mow down the tall weeds before discing again.
At the north end there is a 1/4 acre mix of clover and alfa plus a gravity deer feeder that has deer protein from March-mid Sept. All the rain had the weeds grow like crazy in the clover so mowed on 4th of July, that helped and the clover and alfa responded nicely but the weeds were starting again so remowed that again last night as well.
A man made water pond and mineral site are located at the north end. They are just inside the woods line.

The second field is a acre and 1/4 and is having corn, again a little late but only getting planted for deer cover and to harvest stalks for Halloween decorations.

On either field we never hunt inside the woods untill later in the season, we do our best to not pressure it and as a result they frequently bed within a 100 yards of field.

We can't pressure them hard and drive them in deeper because there is a abandoned house that everyone uses as access and hunts behind. We can't control the woods only approx 20 acres of it. So we employ extreme caution here.
Last year we never hunted in the woods just field edge, as a result we would have 14+deer in field late muzzloader and were able to take a nice 8 point last week of season.

Will update later when field comes up.

Was a nice break from normal work day. Saw a little 6 pointer, 10 other deer couldn't tell what all were but had 2 on either end that would keep poping out when I was at the other end of the field, they kept taking turns LOL
Also saw 4 good toms and a bald eagle.
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Re: Getting ready for 2 food plots

Unread postby biggamecameraman » Tue Jul 23, 2013 5:43 pm

hey there tomcbigbucks I enjoyed the write up the photos even more interesting . I like the forum you put your story on , well done .
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Re: Getting ready for 2 food plots

Unread postby TOM Spatafore » Thu Jan 15, 2015 10:08 pm

biggamecameraman wrote:hey there tomcbigbucks I enjoyed the write up the photos even more interesting . I like the forum you put your story on , well done .

SOUNDS LIKE WEEDS ARE YOUR BIGGEST THREAT TO YOUR FOOD PLOTS.discing weeds and grasses only spreads them and can get them out of control. must iether furrow plough so roots expossed and die.or let grow to 6 inches and roundup or gyfloss this kills all growing weeds in 10 daysdisc it this will expose old seed beds and they will grow let stand till secondary seed bed grows spray again . or no growth occurs you beat it the first time.great for late planting plots allows you time to get it under control.hope you get this first time commenting . been doing foodplots 25 years and own a company making mixes and land management consulting.Tom
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