Greens and how to utilize them properly

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Greens and how to utilize them properly

Unread postby Teddy Klark » Mon Oct 09, 2017 8:58 pm

Food, it's one of the key ingredients to having the "honey hole". And one of the best food sources for hunting over are greens, as in brassicas. People plant brassicas (turnips, rape, radish etc) with the intent of having a good later season food source when the deer dig up and eat the bulbs. But many miss the importance of the green sugary tops and don't see how important it is to plant a blend that gives them maximum tonnage above and below the ground.
Here are some tips for planting brassicas.
1. They love sunlight
2. They love nitrogen adding a high nitrogen fertilizer at time of planting will help a lot.
3. You will get better bulb production if soil is loosened up by tilling or fishing.
4. Pick a blend with a large variety or seeds
5. Pick a blend that utilizes at least 1 hybridized turnip. These give you huge leafy green tops.

Forage Greens is a brassica blend by North Ridge Wildlife Forage, a Pennsylvania based food plot company. Our Forage Greens blend uses 3 turnips 2 of which are hybrids. It also uses rape and radish in the blend to give it a huge variety. Here are some photos of a forage greens plot of mine.
Enjoy and if you have any food plot questions please feel free to hit me up!
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Re: Greens and how to utilize them properly

Unread postby biggamecameraman » Mon Oct 09, 2017 11:40 pm

it looks like whitetail heaven Teddy . with some work and planning your food plot out ted you have your self a magnet for all kinds of deer this fall and early winter . please keep us posted every step of the way this deer season . it's all about whitetail traffic when it comes to north ridge wildlife forage . Teddy Klark that is a food plot tip we can't soon forget thanks so much :D :D :D
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