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Hunting etiquette

Unread postby Annabiz » Fri Jun 17, 2016 8:19 pm

What is the accepted etiquette on tree stand placement on public ground or private ground that you dont own. One reason I ask is on two different lots I hunt one privatenot owned by me but have permission and one public other hunters have hung permanent stands. Those stand just so happen to be on two of the best hunting locations on either property. This really aggravates me because the neither hunter is there all the time but you hate to go setup near their claimed area and them end up being there as you walk up in the dark then I have to move to another location. Many other times the spots are open. The private land stand is not the land owners but just another hunter who has permission he has another permanent stand in a different prime location. Whats the deal with putting permanent stand in land thats not yours is it considered ok or poor sportsmanship.

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