The Smart Approach

Written by TheDeerwhisperer on Friday, September 13, 2013

Well the season is coming upon us quickly and I am all excited and looking forward to getting in to my stand.! One thing I always strategize about before I enter the woods is “what approach do I need to take” in order to disturb the area the least amount as possible.

Here are things I do to keep as invisible as possible while entering and leaving my stand.

I hunt the wind and 95% of the time I will avoid an area altogether if the winds are wrong…to me this is the #1 key element…JMO.

Ø I walk to and from my stands at a slow pace to avoid making unnecessary noise…walking slow also helps from being spotted, as deer react much better to fast movement then slow. Climb my stand at a nice even pace, and lift my bow slowly with the bow rope as well. When entering slowly odds are you will spot any deer in the area before chasing them away.

Ø I ALWAYS wear knee high or higher rubber boots…nothing is better than keeping human scent down then rubber boots. Deer pick up ground scent well past the time we walk through and many hunts get ruined for this reason alone.

Ø I try my best to understand movement times for my locations (trail cams come in handy here) and always enter the stand a few hours early doing my best to avoid bumping too many deer. Knowing when the deer are there helps with baiting as well. I try baiting while they aren’t there. Usually bait at night as the deer are out of the woods feeding in the fields.

Ø Avoid stepping on good size branches…that snap they create travels a long way!

Ø I very rarely if ever use a flashlight…entering or leaving. If needed I will use a red light or green and turn it on real quick then turn it right off.

Ø I will leave my stand right before total darkness if no animals are around…I do not like to risk waiting until after dark and get caught with animals moving in again. I like knowing what is going on in a distance as I move out. If animals are around I will hang in well after dark until they leave

Ø I hunt lock-on’s and ground blinds and I always try and approach the blind or tree from behind, so as I am climbing or entering the blind, I am hidden from where the deer typically move in from.

Ø Well before the approach I try my best to always set my stand up in a way to where I can use the terrain to my advantage while walking in to my stand location. This doesn’t always come into play, but if possible, I do my best to think ahead and take that into consideration.

Most of you on this site are established hunters and whether you realized it or not, probably do most of these already. Approaching the stand undetected is just one key element to a successful hunt.

In my mind, it’s all the little things we do as hunters that add up so we get that shot at a trophy class animal. If we pay attention to the details, we have the ability to create our own luck.

If you have anything to add please share away…always like hearing what others are doing to see how I can continuously grow as a hunter.

Looking forward to this season!

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