Mineral Blocks for Boosting Antler Growth and the Health of the Herd

Written by TheDeerwhisperer on Wednesday, June 19, 2013

This is the perfect time of year for putting out mineral blocks in you favorite hunting areas, whether on public or private land.  

I'm not talking here about salt blocks.  Deer will come to those in the heat of Summer, but the salt doesn't benefit the deer herd at all.  What I have in mind are blocks which may include a small amount of salt but which consists mainly of a formula of minerals and vitamins that will benefit the entire deer herd.

Mineral blocks are usually pinkish or brownish, and come in sizes and weights from brick-sized 5 pounders to big blocks of 50 pounds or so.  You can find them at hunting stores, some garden-supply and farm-supply stores and from online sources (Google "mineral blocks").

Whitetail bucks' annual antler growth will begin soon.  Daily visits to a mineral block will insure that a buck gets the vitamins and minerals that make for fast and impressive antler growth.  Does, soon to give birth to this year's fawns, can benefit too.  

Leave you mineral block near a good water source.  Deer will visit the block several times a day, then move on to the water to wash the minerals down.  The routine becomes a strong habit.  

If you're a whitetail hunter who's in it for the long haul, mineral blocks are a great, inexpensive investment.  You should leave them out for most of the year*.  Once the deers' mineral block use is well established, you'll start to see great results.

* Be aware of your local rules and regulations. In some states, you aren't allowed to hunt over a block--it's considered as baiting.  In some states, blocks must be removed from the field 30 days before the start of bow season.

Remember to take you own vitamins, so you'll be in good shape to hunt those vitamin-enriched whitetails!

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