Target the V for Trout

Written by TheDeerwhisperer on Sunday, June 16, 2013

When fishing for trout whether on your favorite streams/rivers or trying a new body of water and want a solid strategy to target/find more fish to have a chance at catching, here is a tip that will help you do exactly that.

 Trout have to conserve their energy because if they are not careful they will perish. Since conserving energy is crucial to their survival, they have creative ways to feed that ensures they use minimal energy in faster moving waters. Believe it or not, trout do not like to hang in the faster waters (rapids) instead what they do is hangout in strategic ambush spots within the fast moving waters where there are breaks in the rapids. These breaks in the fast waters are caused by natural or man-made objects.

We call these areas of the rapids or faster waters the “V” because it looks exactly like the letter V... This is created when the faster water hits a large rock (or other obstacle) and gets forced around the object to the right and left leaving a section of water behind/in front of the rock to where the water is moving much slower for a short distance... Just picture a flock of geese flying over you…the geese are the fast water and the section in-between their “V” formation that is nothing but blue skies is the slower moving water and the area to target the trout. When feeding the trout can remain in slower waters as the natural or man-made barrier is shielding them, and as they remain in the slower current, they will literally swing their heads left or right into the faster current and grab the food floating on by. This method allows them to feed and stay protected without wasting much energy at all.

The way I like to fish the “V” is by targeting my line to drift on either side of the obstacle right on the edge where the faster water meets the slower water. Work both sides and if you use this method you will find fish for sure.

These “V” formations will very in sizes based on the size of the object causing it. The longer the “V” the longer you should drift your line.

This is a great way to target Brookies and Rainbows, as they tend to hang out in the faster waters...Browns are the laziest and tend to be in areas of slow waters or deep holes

This method works with fly fishing or spin fishing…works when using all kinds of baits/lures such as dry flies, nymphs, spinners, eggs, worms…etc.

This is a solid strategy that will help you FIND the fish…catching them is on you …speed of your drift, size line, lure..etc. still have to be right for the picky ones.

Good luck and hope you enjoyed this tip.

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