Hunting A Big Bucks Bedding Area

Written by TheDeerwhisperer on Thursday, November 1, 2012

Once you have found the bedding area of your target buck (usually happens by accident while scouting and kicking him up) you should avoid entering it during daylight hours. If you feel the need to scout near the bedding area during the day stay as far away as you can and try to stay downwind and out of sight of the buck. Remember, there is no good time to scout a bucks bedding area during daylight hours because odds are, the buck will be there and you will bump him out. You might get away with bumping him once or twice, but after that he will relocate. The best time to scout and hang a stand in and around his bedding area is at night. During the hours of darkness you can be fairly sure the buck is not there as he will be out feeding or chasing does.

In many cases the buck will use the same route when entering and leaving his bedding area. The closer you hunt to his bed the better your chances of seeing the buck during legal hunting hours and identifying his travel route. If your stand placement is slightly off, you can now make a final adjustment, or hopefully you guessed right the first time and game over

Proper wind direction and patience is key when hunting mature whitetail bucks!

When hunting the evening stand I like to get in at least three hours before sunset. Getting in early allows the area to settle down after I enter it, and just in case the buck comes out early I am there. When you are hunting near buck bedding areas in the afternoon the chances are the buck is still there so again, approach the area quietly and from downwind. The PM stand placement is usually a bit further back from his bedding area then the morning stand for the simple fact I know he is there when trying to sneak in and hunt him. I want to avoid bumping him as much as possible..

When I setup in the mornings I try to get there well (1-2 hours) before daylight, again to make sure the woods has settled back to normal before the buck heads home. The big bucks often return to their bedding areas just at, or right after sunrise after being out all night feeding, scraping, and chasing doe. The AM stand placement will be my most aggressive setup getting right on top of him since he is not home yet. The closer I am in the morning, the better my odds are at seeing him during shooting hours.

During the rut I try and sit all day as the bucks are on their feet more during shooting hours, and will move in and out of the bedding areas more frequently...they become less predictable this time of year so again, patience is key because the longer you are on stand, the better chance you have at getting an opportunity to harvest him.

Hope these tips on hunting a bucks bedding are are helpful and help you harvest your trophy buck.

Good luck!

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