Cold Water Bassin

Written by TheDeerwhisperer on Wednesday, October 17, 2012

So we are starting to enter the cold season here in the northeast which means water temperatures will be dropping in the lakes and ponds we fish causing us to have to rethink our strategies while out trying to catch those big largemouth bass.

The Largemouth Bass is a cold blooded creature. Like all cold blooded creatures its metabolism slows down as the surrounding temperature becomes colder. As an angler you must take this change in behavior into account as you plot your fishing strategies in the late fall and winter when the water temps can drop off quickly.

The important factor here is the water temperature, NOT the air temperature. If you are fishing an area that you know holds fish and are now not catching any, check what the water temperature is…if it has cooled off a bit try switching to rubber baits, if not already using the, and slow down your presentation. Odds are you will start getting hits again.

The two best lures you can tie on your line when water temps drop are jigs and plastic worms. You should also think big in the cold water months. Again, these bass are not very active. They do not have the energy to chase down several small meals. Their objective is to expend very little energy and get a big meal and then forget about eating for awhile.

A lot of people I know give up on bass fishing when it gets cold out because they think they go hibernate and you can’t catch them, which sure they slow down, but I have had great luck even in the month of December with snow on the ground working farm ponds slowly and with some nice 4-6lb Jersey bass.

The other thing to remember as the water drops into the 40s the bass will usually start moving from the shallows and seek deeper waters…so you will also need to follow them as the season moves on.

Good luck!

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