Turkey Tips for the beginner to intermediate

Written by Tomcbigbucks on Monday, March 2, 2015

Tips for beginning to intermediate Turkey Hunters


1)       Never wear red white or blue! They are the colors of a turkeys head

2)       Always sit against a tree as wide or preferably wider then your shoulders! First breaks up your outline and more importantly if someone sneaks in from behind prevents you from being shot.

3)       Never stalk a turkey



Before season

1)       Ride roads a month before season at sunrise to hour after and in the evening to locate birds in your area.

2)       Walk trails and dirt roads trying to find v shape scratching in the leaves, this is turkeys feeding.

3)       Try to locate sandy area that bowl shaped holes, this is their dusting areas.

4)       Try to look for large tree with poop under them, this is a roosting area. Hens poop is swirled like an ice cream cone while a males is shaped like a J.

During the hunt

Determine how you want to hunt turkeys, there is no wrong way! Do you want to call very little, do you want to just stand hunt along known travel arears or do you want to call aggressively. For me I’ man aggressive caller, I sit for deer. Turkeys I want the rush of talking back and forth…the thrill of hearing them close the distance!! Tom me it’s the hunt not the kill! If they don’t want to play nice I move and find one that will.

Whatever method you chose do what makes you happy, don’t worry about what others think!!! If it is legal it is good!!!   Best of luck!!!

The following is using at least some degree of calling

1)       Roost the birds if at all possible! Roosted is not roasted but at least you know your shopping in the right store. I dress in camo and walk roads or trails slowly listening and scanning the woods closely with binoculars. I will try to locate using crow or owl calls. Once I locate them I stay back and let them fly up and will then put them to bed with some yelping and cutting then a fly up cackle.

I want them going to bed thinking about that hot hen.

2)       Locate them again in the morning; a lot can happen to make them relocate over night. I will generally use an owl call and will get them to answer approx. 45 minutes before fly down. Once located find a set up with 100-150 yards depending on the terrain and your ability. I like to give 15-20 minutes of quiet time before starting with some real quiet tree yelps. I will then amp up my intensity and rhythm to match the toms and hens.

3)       If you get a boss hen yelling at you have some fun!!! Yell back match volume, rhythm and intensity!!!

3 things could happen;

  1. You will piss her off and at fly down she will come looking for this tramp trying to steal her man bringing the toms behind her
  2. You will piss her off and she will go the other way to get away from the tramp trying to steal her men taking the toms with her
  3. It is a fun and great learning experience.

4)       Remember once they fly down typically anywhere from 3-10 minutes they will shut up. Don’t panic and move.


5)       If you have them answering one call good DO NOT switch, however if they are only answering luke warm don’t be afraid to switch and find the call they like. Don’t worry about sounding perfect, worry more about cadence. Every bird sounds different and every gobbler like something different. IF YOU MESS UP A CALL DON’T LET THAT BE THE LAST NOTE HANGING, QUICKLY ADD ANOTHER SEIRES AND GET IT OUT OF THE BIRDS HEAD!!


6)       If they hang up don’t be afraid to use more than one call at a time to sound like more than one hen. Even though I call aggressively I still try to wait for the most part 3-5 minutes between calls and when yelping vary the number. Don’t do 5 or 7 each time…listen to the birds they vary theirs! Too many hunters do same exact sequence every time.


7)       Once you get them within 100 yards I like to scratch the leaves while purring and doing feeding clucks. I want to mimic real birds.


8)       Birds stopped answering now what??? For me I move but remember that spot for the next day or later. That bird that didn’t come in today might run you over tomorrow or the next day!!! Their temperature varies day to day and can even vary hour to hour.


9)       Try getting a bird to shock gobble, use owl, crow, peacock, coyote and don’t tell anyone this secret but a dog whistle!


10)   Once they answer make sure you see where you can set up at before starting to see if they will answer your hen calls. Make sure you can get to it quickly and quietly!!!


11)   Now that you see where you can sit at give them a call and see if they answer, if they answer give a couple minutes and see if they answer again or if the first was only what I like to call a courtesy gooble. Its them saying yea I hear you I’m over her if you want me but I’m not hot or coming to you.


12)   If they don’t answer again still give at least 10 minutes to make sure they aren’t on their way in and too busy to answer then beat feet to your next spot to try.

 Me and turkey




                             GOOD LUCK !!

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