Talking Archery for Turkeys

Written by Tomcbigbucks on Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Talking Archery for Turkeys


So you are thinking about going after the majestic longbeard with a bow?? Congratulations and good luck, you will need it!!! Here are some quick tips and aiming aids.

 Don't hunt from a treestand, makes for poor shot angles and turkeys like looking up for airborne predators.

Try using a blind or tuck back in some brush with a tree wider than your shoulders but unlike
the gun you will be moving to draw your bow. Once bird gets within 40 yards be careful with your calling, unlike the gun it is critical that the bird isn’t looking at you as you get ready to shoot!

 A lot aim for head shots, Rage, Guillotine, Magnus Bullhead and X-Change Looper are good for neck & head shots. It's either a clean miss or a bird flopping  

Spitfire’s Gobbler Getter and American Broadhead Company Turkey Terror are just 2 of the Turkey broadheads for body shots.

Decoys are probably the most beneficial when bow hunting out of a blind,  set the decoys 20-25 yards away looking at your blind this way the turkeys will want to come in between the blind and the decoys giving you a 10-15 yards shot. The birds will also have most of their focus on the decoys.

The number one mistake of body shots is aiming to low…Hit him High and Watch Him DIE…hit him Low and Watch Him FLY. I messed up my first bow shot, a huge Tom. At least 1 ½ spurs..had him 8 yards so could see them….hit a little low..watched him wobble away..gave him time like a deer…never found him.

Now I prefer getting after them unless they are flopping right there, a hurt turkey can hide and tuck themselves in some little areas

See pictures and my short descriptions of shot placement. This is my thoughts only based off available aiming charts. In general remember when they are strutting the body is much smaller then it appears, for this reason unless you are experienced it might be best to not shoot at a strutting gobbler.

Neck shot, clean miss or flopping. Should use a 2 inch broadhead


Walking away, just make sure his head is up…draw a center line from center of his head so you don’t aim right or left, you do have a little margin of error for high or low as long as left right is good.


 Walking away

Broadside shot, straight up his leg to where the wing connects to his body, make sure he is upright and not slightly leaning forward which changes the vitals location and you will lose some margin of error. If he is straight upright preferably looking away at decoy and you hit slightly high can break his neck.



Standing upright and looking your direction. I don’t prefer this shot, he’s usually alert and looking, too much can go wrong and you can cut the beard off. If you take this shot to be effective aim approx. 1 inch below where beard comes out.


Texas heart shot, as long as you have a large broadhead I love this shot, bird won’t see you and the Poop chute gives you as nice aiming spot. Just like deer pick a spot don’t aim in general area


Strutting and facing you, I don’t prefer this shot, if he is angled even slightly your arrow can miss the vitals and when focusing on a spot you might miss him turning which they usually are doing when strutting.

The only good thing is he usually isn’t paying close attention to you, if you take it be careful left or right and his angle aim just below where beard comes out


Strutting broadside, can be deceiving, you need to aim farther back then you would think. Follow leg up to where there “bronze feathers” meet with the black tipped feathers.


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