The Antler Almanac

Written by Big Game Camera Man on Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Antler Almanac

Killing a Buck in the Pre-Rut

Actually, the pre-rut isn't quite here yet.  At this time--during early season--many slippery bowhunters like to take advantage of the whitetails' diet by trying to intercept a buck on his travel corridor to a favorite food source.

Once the pre-rut begins--usually around mid-October in the middle Atlantic states--savvy bowhunters will be hunting over rub lines or scrapes, or setting up tree stands pinched-in real close to doe bedding areas.  Soon, younger bucks will be on the march; their hormones will be telling them that this is their time--their big chance for breeding success.  Older, more experienced bucks still will be lying low, sleeping the days away, saving their energy for the bigger show that they know is coming.

During pre-rut, with less-experienced bucks out and about, it will be a good time for working and experimenting with lures, rattling horns, grunt tubes and such--all the bells and whistles you've been waiting to try.  

Pre-rut is a good time of year to harvest a beautiful, healthy two-and-a-half-year-old whitetail buck.  The weather in mid-to-late October is still fairly decent, so take full advantage of it.  Not every buck you harvest has to be a wall hanger.

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