How to find that bombshell property

Written by Big Game Camera Man on Saturday, February 21, 2015

How to find that bombshell property

Many hunters have access to private or public land where they can hunt successfully, but many others are less fortunate. My aim here  is to present some ideas which any hunter can use to find that new turkey sanctuary to call his or her own.

To be a successful turkey hunter, first you have to locate the birds. Late winter is a great time of year to drive around scouting out turkey-rich areas. You don't need a 150 acre farm to be a successful turkey hunter.  Face it, somebody else probably already has that ideal, private plot of land staked out for themselves. I've had great success filming turkey hunts on public land; usually,  the first and last week of the season are best for me. During mid-season, the gobblers often are pressured hard by too many hunters; the birds can become tight-lipped and difficult to locate.

For the last few years I've concentrated on smaller tracts of land--anywhere from 10 to 30 acres. I try to recruit these smaller parcels of land because I’ve found I find they can be real honeyholes—the kind of place the average slippery old turkey hunter may overlook, where a mature longbeard can die of old age. My message should be clear: if you want it bad enough, get out there and look for small, underhunted parcels.

Underhunted is the word.  If you find a good-looking tract, speak with the landowner.  If you learn that someone else already is enjoying the sport of turkey hunting on that tract, you should just move on.  If the landowner is sociable, it might be worth asking if they have relatives or friends in the area who would be willing to host some turkey hunting on their property.

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