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Written by Big Game Camera Man on Saturday, February 14, 2015


We're in a stretch of brutally cold weather, when the idea of spending long hours outside just isn't all that attractive.  Whitetail season is about over everywhere in our region.  Now is the time when the deer yard up in a big way.  The bucks are spent, and are dropping their antlers.

There's no better time to give some thought to helping the deer to thrive through the coming year.
As many of you know, we're big advocates for keeping mineral blocks out year-round.  Now is a particularly important time to start helping the herd by supplying minerals.   The does are about halfway through their pregnancies, so whatever supplements they get will help them and the fawns they will bear next May.  Mineral supplements in mid-Winter and into Spring will also help bucks with their antler growth for the coming season.

Mineral blocks should be placed near running water but out of reach of floods.  Deer will come to the blocks, then move on to drink.  That pattern will become a habit, which means also that somewhere around your blocks is a good place to position trail cameras--you can watch the bucks develop (especially their antler growth) right through into the Fall of 2015.   

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