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Written by Big Game Camera Man on Friday, October 10, 2014


All over North America, right after whitetail bucks shed their velvet they start rubbing and scraping to leave calling cards for the does.  It's a form of pre-rut advertising: "here I am girls, and I'm looking for romance!" 

 Year after year, scrapes show up in the same general areas. A scrape--in most cases a low-hanging branch--may be used by as many as four or five different bucks; they rub against the branch to leave scent marks, then scrape up the ground below and urinate in it.  Scrapes tend to be near good food sources or along the females' travel corridors. They can turn up in odd places--along a busy road, behind a housing development, near a playing field, etc.  A buck will travel along leaving his mark every 50 to 80 yards, establishing his scrape line.  In most cases, a scrape line will not be near the buck's bedding area.

 Mid-to-late October is a good time to scout for scrape lines.  It's funny how nature works.  Sooner or later, the does get interested and start leaving their urine at the scrapes, too.  The whole area can start to smell like a dirty diaper!  This is all preliminaries, though.  Once the rut gets started, the bucks and the does are together and the scrapes will go cold.

 So, for the next week and a half a savvy bowhunter has a chance to intercept a nice, healthy buck along a scrape line.  Remember to post plenty of pictures!


 When deer hunting, go in clean and come out quiet.

 Keep the tradition alive.  Take a youngster hunting or fishing!



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