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Written by Big Game Camera Man on Saturday, September 20, 2014

Tree Stand Safety

After years of filming them, I’m more of a deer-behavior kind of guy.  I know the basics of tree stand safety, but I’m no expert.   Deer season is upon us, and safety tips are helpful for everyone,  so maybe we should get a discussion going.  

Here are a few things I can contribute:

- Always work with a hunting partner or a friend.

- At this time of year, lots of hunters are putting up their portable tree  stands.  When you’re working up in a tree—even only a short distance—always be attached to the tree.   You don’t necessarily have to wear the full harness you’d use when hunting but, to help you keep balanced, a climbing belt (such as linemen use) or a similar rig of sturdy ropes definitely is in order.

- With a stand that’s already in place, most accidents happen going up to or coming down from the stand.  Take your time and watch your  footing.  Remove your gloves while climbing and descending—you want to have a sure grip on the tree.

- Don’t be macho; always wear your safety harness, even if you’re using a portable stand or a self-climber. 


Remember, hunting is our hobby.  You want to walk away from a hunt in one piece.  In general when hunting, bring a cellphone so, on a hunting day, you can tell your wife, a friend, a coworker, or some other dependable person where you will be.

So, how about it gang?   My advice certainly isn’t the last word.  If you have a practical tip on tree stand safety, please toss it into the pot.


Remember, when deer hunting go in clean and come out quiet.

Keep the tradition alive—take a youngster hunting!


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