Written by Big Game Camera Man on Friday, September 20, 2013


September 20, 2013


Early-season Food SourceS

For a sharp old bowhunter, it’s important to find a good, attractive food source early in the season.

Apples—full of starch and sugar—are just such a food source. They start dropping in late August, and usually are finished by mid-to-late October.  Deer love the sweet change in their diet—they’ll eat apples from the ground or right off the tree.

In my scouting, I look for apple or crabapple orchards, whether active or abandoned.

The nurserymen running an active orchard may welcome hunters as a means of controlling hungry deer.

Bowhunters I have filmed over many years have had best luck sighting big bucks around apple orchards or single trees early in the morning—it’s quiet (no road noise)  and the whitetails seem less cautious then  than later in the day.

I’ve witnessed bucks bedded down 30 or 40 yards from a tree just looking and listening, waiting for apples to fall.  When they’ve heard enough hit the ground,  they get up and wander over to gorge on the tasty, fallen fruit.

So know your fruit trees.  For apples, it’s especially good to scout around in the Spring when the trees are blossoming—they’re a cinch to spot then.  It may help you to fill your tag in the Fall with a fine, fat, healthy buck.


Keep the tradition alive—take a youngster hunting or fishing!


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