Never False Call to the Wild Turkey

Written by Big Game Camera Man on Tuesday, February 19, 2013

With whitetail season over and Spring turkey season yet to come, this is the time of year when many hunters have cabin fever.  During late winter, turkeys are flocked up in large numbers.  Now is when you should begin your scouting. All you need is a good pair of binoculars--leave your turkey calls at home.  Late Winter and early Spring is not the time for a turkey-calling contest.  You should use your calls only when you actually are hunting. 

If you call the birds out-of-season--and false calling happens all over the country--you're simply educating the whole flock.  Often, they can see you and realize that the call is not coming from another turkey.   Even successful turkey hunters sometimes are guilty of false calling for the fun of hearing the toms gobble in response.  I know what that temptation feels like, but I've learned to resist it.  False calling just makes it harder for all turkey hunters when the season begins--they'll be hunting wiser birds.  The wild turkey is plenty smart as nature made him.

So, as a responsible sportsman, have your late-winter fun by scouting and planning for the coming season.  Practice turkey calling, if you like, but don't do it where the turkeys can hear and see you.   The payoff for discipline now will come when you're totin' out that tom turkey and you and your buddies are taking plenty of pictures and hero shots.

Remember, you heard it here on TheOutdoorsmensVoice:  never, ever false-call to the wild turkey.

Hey members, if you love wild turkey hunting, consider joining the National Wild Turkey Federation.  It's a great group working to conserve wild turkey habitat and to help the birds thrive.

Share the tradition.  Take a youngster hunting or fishing!

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